Pysanky Festival and Patriotic War Memorial

Pysanky is the traditional art of decorating Easter eggs. On Saturday we had the chance to see some of the decorated eggs at St. Sofia Cathedral! Although the festival did not impress in magnitude – there was only a small collection – it did impress through the work put in it, as each giant egg represented an Ukrainian region.


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We even bought a kit to paint eggs at home – you only need a special needle, wax, candle, and of course eggs – there was even a tutorial session on site!

On Sunday, as the weather was grey, we went to visit the Patriotic War Museum at the Motherland Monument – it is impressive as it does not only portray the Soviet „golden days”, but the whole way of displaying is Soviet, like stepping in a time capsule and traveling fifty years back. What we found especially interesting (except the display!) was that, in the midst of debates regarding forbidding any Soviet signs, the museum was selling old Soviet „mementos”, like plates, belts, and even flasks!

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Between tradition and war commemoration, we spent the weekend in the past – maybe trying to understand it better, and taking from it the lessons we need for a peaceful future…


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