Babies and superstitions…

Ukraine has offered us a bright new beginning, in the purest form… we are waiting for our second baby. I have finished the first trimester and both baby and mother are well, albeit the mother a little impatient.

We have decided, as with our first, to wait until the birth to find out the gender – but that does not stop a curious unoccupied mother to research the old wives’ tales regarding gender prediction in a fun post. Please take into account this post is just for laughs, that means that the myths do exist, I found and tried them, but they are not scientifically proven (not at all) and I do not mean to offend anyone by posting. I will make a prediction for my one baby, and be able to shed light in about…. 6 months!

Lastly, there won’t be any morning sickness/form of belly/cravings tell-tale signs, but some that I found more original and “pseudo-scientific”. For some I could also compare with my already born baby, which I will share.

Are you ready? OK, let’s have some fun!

1. Chinese chart/Chinese gender prediction site

This one is one of the most known, and its accuracy is rated on some sites as being as high as 97 %. It apparently began in ancient China, in order to predict the gender for the royalty, and for this you just need the date of birth of the mother and the date of conception. It’s harmless and you only have to check the chart (e.g. The catch? You have to know your Chinese age – in general + 1 year to your ”real” one, but depending on when you are born, it can be two (like in my case).

For my first pregnancy, it correctly predicted the gender. For this second one, it says boy, BUT it is a 1-month window between girls, therefore these data are not the most reliable.

Anyway, the result for this one is boy.

2. Full Moon method

Similar to the Chinese one, it takes one step further – the gender of the baby apparently depends on the phase of the moon when you conceived.

There are online engines to show the phases of the moon for different years, I will show only for 2015:

New                                                Full
2014 Dec 22 1:36                 2015 Jan 5 4:54
2015 Jan 20 13:15               2015 Feb 3 23:10
2015 Feb 18 23:49              2015 Mar 5 18:07
2015 Mar 20 9:39                2015 Apr 4 12:07
2015 Apr 18 18:59               2015 May 4 3:45
2015 May 18 4:16                2015 Jun 2 16:22
2015 Jun 16 14:08               2015 Jul 2 2:22
2015 Jul 16 1:26                  2015 Jul 31 10:46
2015 Aug 14 14:55              2015 Aug 29 18:38
2015 Sep 13 6:43                2015 Sep 28 2:52
2015 Oct 13 0:07                 2015 Oct 27 12:06
2015 Nov 11 17:48              2015 Nov 25 22:45
2015 Dec 11 10:30              2015 Dec 25 11:12
2016 Jan 10 1:31

If the conception date is between the time of a new moon (from the start of a new moon up until one day before full moon) then you carry a girl. If it falls during a full moon and the days up to the next new moon then you will carry a boy.

According to this one, I am carrying a boy. This one holds also true for my first pregnancy, and in a strange way, it actually makes sense for me – again, no 100% guarantee.

3. Japanese Gender Chart

To know the gender of the baby, you will need to know the father’s month of birth, the mother’s month of birth and the month of conception.

Step 1 ~ At table 1 below, find out the number where the father’s month of birth meets the mother’s month of birth. It is the secret number .

Table 1

Step 2 ~ At table 2, find out the baby gender by crossing the month of conception with the secret number.

Table 2
Table 2

Result for me – boy, although, according to this method, my first should have been a boy too…

4. Russian method, or the “fresh blood” theory

This method, originated by Russian folklorists, which I named the “fresh blood” theory, starts from the hypothesis that blood is `renewed` every 4 years for men and every 3 years for women, and the sex of the baby is given by the parent who has the “fresher” blood.

Example (not our own)
Father’s birthday : May 6, 1986
Mother’s birthday : June 12, 1988
Date of conception : December 18, 2014

Blood renewal on the father : May 6, 1986 ➙ May 6, 1990 ➙ May 6, 1994 ➙ ……. ➙ May 6, 2008 ➙ May 6, 2014
Blood renewal on the mother : June 12, 1988 ➙ June 12,1991 ➙ June 12,1994 ➙ ……. ➙ June 12, 2009 ➙ June 12, 2012

Obviously, the father’s blood is newer than the mother’s, and so a boy is expected.

By this method, I should be carrying a girl. It holds true for my first too.

5. First kick – where does it land?

This one is relatively simple, but it depends on the timing. Where do you first feel your baby kicking? If it is on the right side, then it’s a boy. If it’s the left one, then it’s a girl.

For this pregnancy, I felt kicks on my left side, which would make it a girl. I cannot remember for my first one.

Apparently, there is somewhat scientific evidence if we were to believe this study. Through a sample of 5276 pregnant women that underwent ultrasonography from 1997 to 2007, Dr. Saad Ramzi Ismail found that,

97.2% of the male fetuses had a chorionic villi/placenta location on the right side of the uterus whereas, 2.4% had a chorionic villi/placenta location to the left of the uterus. On the other hand 97.5% of female fetuses had a chorionic villi/placenta location to the left of the uterus whereas, 2.7% had their chorionic villi/placenta location to the right side of the uterus.

6. Hairline of first baby

All right, this one is somewhat restrictive, as it depends on the hairline of the first child. In India, mothers look at the hairline of their children to predict the sex of their next child. When the hairline of their first child is straight, the unborn child she is carrying will be of the same sex; if the hairline is pointed (or V-shape) then her next child will be of the opposite sex.

For my first, the hairline is V-shaped, like in the picture below, which would mean we are expecting a child of the opposite sex, that is, a boy. I will not comment on the scientifically proven aspect…

Pointed hairline and Straight hairline

7. Wedding ring test

This is one of the funniest ones, and I really did it just for laughs. Surprisingly, it actually showed something!

The way it’s done is by hanging an object, usually the wedding ring from a thread and letting it move above your belly button. If the motion is from one side to the other, like a pendulum, you are expecting a boy. If the motion is in a circle, then you are expecting a girl. It is explained by the radio-magnetic field that surrounds your child, and could hold some truth in my opinion.

For me, it moved like a pendulum, therefore pointing to a boy.

If you’d like to have video proof, some people even recorded it!

8.  Instinct

I know it might sound lame, but I would like to close on this note, and apparently when asked to predict the sex of their future baby, 71 % of mothers get it right! So, I’ll take that 50-50% chance, and say… girl.

And it’s not just to even the balance on these tests, but it’s what the “voice” is telling me. Too bad my daughter is not speaking yet, as when asked about the sex of their future sibling, the prediction of the sibling is even more accurate than the mother’s, somewhere around 90%.

On this note, and to wrap up, we have:

Team Blue – 5

Team Pink – 3

We’ll know for sure in 6 months, but I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me.

If you have any experiences to share, or know of any wacky (but safe) methods to predict the gender, feel free to share! As of now, the bets are on!

P.S.Update – my mother’s instinct failed, the tell-tale signs were right – it’s a boy 🙂


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